About Us

About Us

Our Aim

The Aim of Cornwall Teaching School is to generate and maintain a sustainable model for developing teachers and leaders and to secure outstanding practice in all phases of learning.


  • Working in partnerships based on trust, transparency and high aspirations across all phases of education to ensure our children and young people achieve to the very best of their ability
  • Recruiting and retaining outstanding new entrants, providing them with the highest quality training which is robust, innovative and is informed by latest research
  • Providing professional development which is collaboratively planned and delivered so that our workforce is nurtured, developed, challenged and fulfilled
  • Ensuring that our most talented people are given leadership opportunities that will strengthen all our schools and colleges and enhance future capacity
  • Taking a lead in research and development across all phases that informs and improves teaching and learning, professional development, training and leadership

The work of Cornwall Teaching School encompasses all the Big 6 areas identified by the National College. These have been distilled into 4 key areas of activity.

CPD and Leadership

Cornwall Teaching School offers cross phase CPD and leadership training which is collaboratively planned and delivered, sharing existing good practice with strategic partners and building on the expertise within schools to develop subject specialist and cross phase skills to develop teachers and leaders. The teaching school will promote a strategic approach to forecasting leadership needs, ensuring that our most talented people are given leadership opportunities to enhance future capacity.

Cornwall Teaching School aspires to be a hub for high quality CPD to meet the needs of partner schools, complimenting existing provision and offering new opportunities for professional development.

We are working with partners to assess the CPD need to support improving, good and outstanding teachers and welcome your input to these discussions.

Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Cornwall Teaching School works closely with the well-established Cornwall SCITT partnerships which offer initial teaching opportunities in early years, primary and secondary phases along with the Truro and Penwith College post 16 training. The teaching school will be working with school partners to develop School Direct opportunities for high quality trainees and will continue to respond to national and local needs for subject specialist trainees and cross phase priorities.

School to School Support & Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)

An important aspect of the teaching school remit will be to support school improvement. The teaching school will broker and deploy SLEs and other individuals to support school improvement across Cornwall. The focus will be on bespoke packages of support, targeted to a schools development needs, building on specialist skills within schools and of sharing specialist expertise within and across schools.

The emerging model for school improvement is based on the designation of system leadership roles which provide an opportunity for joint practice development between schools, and for personal development and challenge working with new and existing partner schools for individuals.

Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools.

If you are a middle or senior leader with particular expertise and skills who may be interested in this role please do get in touch.

Research and Development

Cornwall Teaching School will take a lead in research across all phases that informs and improves teaching and learning, professional development and leadership.

A key principle of in-school research is that there must be real benefits for students. Research must focus on improving student outcomes and must be forward thinking, improving skills and experiences of teachers to sustain great teaching.

All good teachers reflect on their own classroom practice and will often take intuitive action as a result. Research gives us the opportunity and tools to analyse if new approaches work or not. It helps us to consider both the short and the long term implications of any changes that we make on student outcomes. We can make informed decisions about the merits or otherwise of particular aspects of our approach to teaching and learning both in our own school and more widely. We are then in a position to confidently share outcomes and conclusions with other colleagues.

Collaborative working across the alliance enables us to refine our research practices and share outcomes in a way which maximises the impact on improving the quality of teaching and raising standards of attainment across a wide range of institutions. It also provides the opportunity to ensure that the research undertaken is robust through the ability to provide a larger evidence base. Cross phase research will allow us to share a common purpose, whilst providing us with further insight into the learning experience for students across the age and ability range. We will be able to combine our efforts, share any learning and so build on our research findings to provide evidence based outcomes that ultimately provide a better experience for the students in our schools.

Truro and Penwith Academy Trust

Cornwall Teaching School works closely with Truro and Penwith Academy Trust which is focused on the improvement of teaching and learning within Cornwall. www.tpact.org

Maths Hub

Cornwall and West Devon Maths Hub is a key partner of Cornwall Teaching School which supports mathematics across phase to improve attainment, progress and participation through high quality teaching, learning and leadership. cornwallwestdevonmathshub.org